Sponsor Info

A sponsors support and involvement in a child’s life plays a vital role in providing hope and building his or her future – a future filled with light, truth, hope and love.

It is our hope that sponsors find the relationship with their sponsor child personally meaningful as well. Despite difficult circumstances, Metro World Children are full of light and will bring so much joy into a sponsors life as they get to know them.

Sponsor a Child Today

Below you will find key information on how a sponsor can play a role in a child's life.

Make the Most out of Being a Sponsor

Sponsorship is so much more than just a financial gift! A sponsorship commitment also gives the gift of prayer, love and support through a one- on-one relationship. Sponsorship is really what you make of it, and many sponsors build deep, meaningful and long-term relationships with their children that enhance the lives of both the sponsor and the child.

Here are a few ways to engage with a child, beyond monthly financial support:

  • Prayer
  • Building a Relationship
  • Meet the Child's Needs

Sponsors Pray for their Child

We know practically loving people through ministering to their spiritual and physical needs is our calling as Christians, but ultimately, it is the Lord who protects, provides and changes lives. Lifting the child up in prayer is an easy way to make a huge difference in his or her life. We truly believe that God hears your prayers and heals and restores lives and situations beyond our biggest dreams or capabilities. Knowing their sponsor is praying means the world to a child.

You can pray for:

  • Provision for basic needs such as food and clothing.
  • Protection from the dangers inside and outside the home in the inner city.
  • Healthy relationships with family and others.
  • God to provide role models that speak truth into his or her life.
  • Loving environments to learn and grow.
  • The child to know Christ and experience His love.
  • Hope for the future.

Sponsors Build a Relationship With their Child

While meeting physical, educational and spiritual needs are incredibly important, those are best met in the context of being actively involved in a child’s daily life. Sponsors provide a Christian relationship outside of a child’s immediate environment in the inner city, an environment often filled with uncertainty and instability. A sponsors consistent prayer, love, and support speaks truth and hope into a child’s life, and as relationships grow and deepen, we have seen children, youth and entire families change for the better.

Three ways to build a relationship with a sponsor child are as follows:

  • Write
  • Give gifts
  • Visit

Sponsors Write to their Child

Writing the child is one of the easiest ways to build a relationship with him or her. We encourage sponsors to be in contact with their child as much as their time and resources allow. We find this to be a powerful tool to maintain contact and speak into their lives. A card, letter or a care package is a great way of meeting their needs and encouraging them.

Sponsors will Receive Letters

We believe it is important for sponsors to hear directly from their child so we will send the notes they write to the sponsor directly as they come from the child. In some instances, children are unable to write and may need the site pastor or someone in their home to write the letters for them. If a child whose language is different from their sponsors, both the sponsors letters and the child’s responses will be translated. Children are encouraged to write to their sponsors as often as they can.

Sponsors can Give Gifts

Like any child, Metro World Children love receiving care packages and gifts! Not only is getting a surprise from their sponsor exciting and makes them feel loved, but a sponsors gifts often provide much-needed essentials or toys that a child would not receive otherwise.

U.S. Gifts

  • In the United States, we have the ability to accept direct gifts and hand- deliver them to children’s homes during their site pastor’s visits.

International Gifts

  • In our international locations, we ask that sponsors do not send gifts directly, as we cannot guarantee arrival through international shipments or government. However, sponsors can still give gifts to their child! A sponsor can send an extra amount of money, designated towards a specific list of items they would like for their sponsored child to receive, and Metro staff in that country will be sure to purchase and deliver these items. Sponsors may also send a financial gift and let the local Metro World Child staff member decide which items to purchase for their child, since they know the immediate needs of the child. In both cases, the child will know the gift comes from their sponsor and that they love him or her.

Sponsors can Visit their Child

Whether you sponsor a child in the United States or across the world, we love it when sponsors want to meet their child face-to-face! Nothing builds a connection and relationship like spending time together in person.

In the United States, we accept visitors to our New York headquarters during both of our semesters (April – June and September – December). Not only does a trip to New York, as an individual or with a group, provide the chance to meet your sponsored child, but you will also get to experience Metro’s ministry hands-on by riding a bus, participating in Sunday School or joining us on weekly visits.

Because of the complexity of many of the international situations where we work, we coordinate with international sponsors on a one-on-one basis to determine if and when a visit is possible.

Click here to learn more and schedule a visit.

Sponsors Help Meet the Child’s Needs

Sponsorship relationships create an important avenue to meet needs in a child’s life as they arise. Because we personally know all the children we work with, we are aware of specific and personal needs in their lives and communicate those to their sponsors. Because of that connection, you don’t just help provide overall care, but you can tailor your support to what your child needs most. We also offer various programs and initiatives throughout the year to provide basic needs such as school supplies, food, warm clothes and Christmas gifts.