Kenya Sponsorship

Population: 43,013,341
Life Expectancy: 63 years
Population Below Poverty Line: 50%
Annual Income: $820
Access to Safe Drinking Water: 59%

Kenya, is a small country in East Africa bordering the Indian Ocean, Somalia and Tanzania. Over the past few years, the rainy season has decreased, leaving the country in a drought. The drought has made it difficult for over 70% of the Kenyans who make a living off the land to provide for their families, ultimately impacting the well being of children.

In Kenya, it’s reported that over 83% of children attend school. However, the schools average over 1,000 students and only 20% of them are able to purchase a school lunch and proper uniform. Many of the children go hungry, not eating throughout the day. So many children faint or are lethargic making it hard for them to concentrate on their studies.